Our current pricing

mot icon MOT - Cars and Vans (Class 4) £39.95
air-con icon AC System Recharge & Check from £69.95 inc VAT
air-con icon UV Tracer Dye to trace leaks at an additional £10.00 inc VAT
air-con icon Antibacterial Treatment £29.95 inc VAT
air-con icon Aircon System Leak Check (Visual) with NOX Gas Test £24.95 inc VAT
air-con icon FULL Aircon Service from
  • Aircon Regas
  • UV Tracer Dye
  • Antibacterial Treatment
  • Pollen Filter renewal
£89.95 inc VAT
yellow spanner man icon Value Service from £99.95 inc VAT
green spanner man icon Low Mileage / (10k) Standard Service from £129.95 inc VAT
yellow spanner man icon 20,000 Mile Service from £220.00 inc VAT
health check heart icon Vehicle Health Check £14.95 inc VAT
disc brake icon Brake Fluid Flush and Renewal £49.95 inc VAT
wheel icon Wheel Alignment / Tracking from £34.95 inc VAT

* Goods Vehicles upto 3,000kg
** Please contact us for a competitive quotation

May 2018
March 2020