Sun air-conditioning machines

Is your car’s aircon inefficient or does it have a leak?

Aircon Regas from – £69.95 inc. VAT

  • Residual refrigerant and air extraction,
  • Gas recovery
  • Complete moisture removal
  • Replenish oil (PAG Oil)

UV Tracer Dye to trace leaks at an additional £24.95 inc. VAT

Antibacterial Treatment £29.95 inc. VAT

Aircon System Leak Check (Visual) with NOX Gas Test – £24.95 inc. VAT

FULL Aircon Service from £89.95 inc. VAT

  • Aircon Regas
  • UV Tracer Dye
  • Antibacterial Treatment
  • Pollen Filter renewal

T&Cs apply. Prices only valid when booked online.