Servicing a BMW

An annual inspection/service is essential to ascertain the health of the vehicle; whether it’s a basic inspection or it requires a full inspection including a brake check, servicing is a must for every vehicle.

*Terms and & Conditions

Engine sizes up to 2000cc
Performance and sports vehicle excluded
Annual mileage not exceeding 5,000.

Engine sizes up to 2000cc


What’s included in a service?

green spanner man icon white spanner man icon orange spanner man icon
Pre-service Road Test tick tick tick
Check operation /condition of exterior lights tick tick tick
Check instrument warning lights & horn tick tick tick
Check battery condition tick tick
Check alternator condition/output tick tick
Check door/bonnet operation, lubricate hinges & catches tick
Check windscreen wiper & washer condition/operation tick tick tick
Top up windscreen washer reservoir tick tick tick
Check air conditioning system operation tick
Renew engine oil *** tick tick tick
Replace oil filter tick tick tick
Replace air filter tick
Replace pollen filter (micro cabin filter) tick tick
Replace fuel filter (if applicable) tick
Change spark plugs (if applicable) * tick
Check & advise on oil leaks (engine & transmission) tick tick
Check fuel system leaks & condition tick tick tick
Check cooling system, leaks, condition & antifreeze content tick tick tick
Engine Diagnostic Scan tick
Check condition & tension of auxiliary drive belt (s) tick tick
Remove wheels and Grease Wheel Hubs tick
Check brake fluid level & moisture content tick tick tick
Check condition brake pads & discs (front & rear) **** tick tick tick
Check brake shoes, drums & cylinders tick
Check brake pipes, hoses & callipers tick tick tick
Check operation/condition handbrake system tick
Check power steering operation/condition & fluid level tick tick
Check steering/suspension components operation/condition tick tick
Check transmission operation (including clutch) tick
Check condition of exhaust system (Inc. mountings) tick tick tick
Carry out tyre check/report & adjust pressures (Inc. spare) tick tick tick
Stamp & complete service tick tick tick
Re-set service light tick tick tick
Final inspection & test drive tick tick tick
Carry Out Mini Valet **
*Standard spark plugs only **Managers discretion ***Additional oil charge may apply **** Wheels not removed

Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Servicing

Additional check and safety precautions must be taken when working with high voltage systems found in hybrid/electric vehicles.

That’s why our technicians go through rigorous training to ensure they can correctly and safely service hybrids/electric to the same standards as a main dealer.